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About Calicut

Calicut is the anglicised form of Kalikut, the Arabic for the Malayalam, Kozhikkod. It is also called the Cock Fort.

The political history of Kozhikode is a story of treacherous and ill conceived conspiracies hatched by the Western powers. Vasco Da Gama landed at Kappad (16 kilometers north of Kozhikode) in May 1498, as the leader of a trade mission from Portugal and was received by the Zamorin himself.Kozhikkod district is situated on the south west coast of India. The district is bounded on the north by Kannur district, on the east by Wayanad district, on the south by Malappuram district and on the west by the Arabian Sea. It is situated between north latitudes 11 08 and 11 50 and east longitudes 75 30 and 76 08.

The Martial Art of Kerala - Kalarippayatt
Kalarippayat is the exclusive martial arts legacy of kerala, taken to China by the Buddhist monks which became the fabled model for the modern martial arts. Kalari Payattu encompasses an invigorating Ayurvedic herbal treatment for chronic ailments like arthritis and spondylosis, and a massaging regimen which repairs physiological damages and makes the body young and supple. The fracture treatment system, developed as a corollary of the rough and tumble world of martial arts, does away with the risk-ridden x-rays and hit-or-miss plater-cast method.

Vadakara, House Of Othenan
48 km from Kozhikode) The birth place of Thacholi Othenan - the legendary hero of the Vadakkanpattu (ballads of North Malabar),Vadakara boasts a great martial tradition and was a flourishing trade and commerce centre in ancient times. This ancient place is now the headquarters of the taluk as well as of the municiplaity of that name. There is ruined fort in the town. vadakara was the scene of many exploits of Tacholi Othenan, the hero of htee ballads of north malabar (Vadakkan Pattukal) Five kms south east of Vadakar in Memunda amsom, is the Lokanarkavu which hass three rock-cut caves in its vicinity. Annual ceremonies are conducted in memory of "Othenan" whose bith place is Manikoth near Meppayil. Vadakara is also called becasues of its location just north ( Vadakku) of kotta river. the Orkattery cattle fair is held between fabruary at Orkattery 6.45 kms from vadakara

Wayanad Ghats
The green ghats enroute to Wayanad has nine hairpin bends, each turn taking one to a higher altitude offering a better view of the picturesque plains below. This route explored by a tribal was developed by the British.

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